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Square Log Deluxe Kit

1. Main floor system

  • Pine Timber supportposts
  • Built up wood support beam
  • 5-½” sill sealer gasket
  • 2x6 pressure treated sill plate
  • Wood I pre-engineered floor joist system
  • 5/8" t&g plywood sheathing
  • Builder’s shims

2. Perimeter wall system

  • 5-1/2" sill gasket
  • 8”x10” double tongue and grouve machined pine logs
  • 12” specialized log screws
  • Log seal gasket
  • Window and door buck frames – 2x6 spruce
  • 1x8 t&g, v-joint pine skirting

3. Windows and doors – Energy Star rated

  • Colored aluminum clad exterior, clear pine interior, Low-E argon thermal glass with insect screens
  • Steel insulated entrance systems
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum clad frame and deluxe pre-finished colored door slab exterior entrance systems. Patio doors are colored aluminium clad exterior with clear pine interior. All with Low-E argon glass.

4. Interior partition framing

  • 2x4 (or 2x6 as required) spruce, plates & studs @ 16” o.c.

5. Second floor system (when applicable)

  • Pine timber support posts
  • 6x12 pine support beams
  • 6x8 pine timber floor joists and wall tie beams
  • 5/8" t&g plywood sheathing

6. Gable ends

  • 2x6 spruce framing – plates and studs
  • Lintel material- as required
  • Insulated wall sheathing – R4
  • House wrap – air barrier
  • 1x8 tongue & groove v-joint pine siding
  • *and roof dormer exterior walls when applicable

7. Roof system

  • Pre-engineered roof system
  • Structural beams and support posts as required
  • Truss bracing and In-fill framing as required
  • ½” plywood sheathing
  • Ice and watershield underlay for entire roof
  • Colored steel roofing
  • Pre-finished steel flashings
  • Roof vents
  • 2x6 sub-fascia

8. Soffit

  • Pre-finished vented aluminum soffit
  • J-trim
  • Fasteners

9. Exterior trim

  • 1x4 (sides & bottom) & 1x6 (top) window and door trim
  • Colored aluminum fascia

10. Porch roof system

  • Support posts & beam
  • Dimensional spruce rafters
  • Matching finish to main roof
  • Pre-finished vented aluminum soffit (eaves and ceiling)
  • J-trim
  • *when applicable to design

11. Interior Wall & Ceiling Covering

  • 1x6 or 1x8 tongue and groove pine to cover all ceiling, gable ends and interior division walls

12. Interior Trim

  • 1x4 pine baseboard, interior door casing, corner & ceiling trim
  • 1x4 pine window jamb extensions
  • 1x4 (sides & bottom) & 1x6 (top) window and door casing

13. Interior Doors

  • Pre-hung clear pine colonial style doors

14. Fibreglass Insulation

  • R-20 for gable ends, second floor exterior walls (when applicable) and sub-floor perimeter
  • R-52 insulation
  • Approved vapor barrier for all insulated surfaces

15. Main Floor Covering

  • Pre-finished 1x6 tongue and groove pine flooring

16. Second Floor Covering

  • Pre-finished 1x6 tongue and groove pine flooring

17. Preservatives

  • Sansin SDF exterior stain
  • Sansin Boracol wood preservative anti fungy and rot

18. Balcony

  • Second floor balcony in cedar when applicable
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