What is included in your home package?

A. Since one house is slightly different from another, we have adopted the device of listing the components of a house for each model sheet. This is the place to begin your comparison shopping. Everything we furnish is listed and nothing is concealed or glossed over. Don't be fooled by sales gimmicks, ask questions, compare prices, and also compare apples to apples before you make your purchase. Be sure you know exactly what you are getting in your home package. We also include a general list of material on our site.

I have my own plans, can you give us an estimate?

A. Yes, we can. 99% of the homes we supply are custom designs. You can bring or send us any building plan from any company and we will be glad to give you a price. We can also have a custom plan made base on a plan found elsewhere.

Can I change components of my log home package?

A. Yes, you can, any material can be substituted for something you would prefer. We are able to supply anything you desire and are here to help you find what you are looking for.

What quantities of material do I receive?

A. you will receive the correct quantities sufficient for the home shown on the building plan in our possession. (See material list) Lack of sufficient materials is our responsibility, we will revise and send the missing amounts in the event that a shortage happened.

As an American, why should I buy from a Canadian company as opposed to a local company?

A. In Canada, with our extreme weather, we cannot allow lower quality products. This is why Canadian Log Homes are built with premium wood, premium windows and premium products. Also, the American dollar is strong relative to our Canadian dollar. Do take advantage of a great product at a great price.

Why do certain log home producers kiln dry their logs?

A. For two reasons:

1) Many log home producers kiln dry their logs because they utilise standing dead or low grade wood. Standing dead wood is cut from dead trees that have been killed by wood borers and other insects. The kiln drying attempts to kill these insects prior to using the wood for house construction. This lumber is very inexpensive to purchase. OUTAOUAIS LOG HOMES uses only live trees with no insect’s infestation.

2) Many log home producers kiln dry in an attempt to reduce the moisture content of the logs in an effort to eliminate settlement and shrinkage. The kiln drying process will not adequately eliminate shrinkage, as it is impossible to dry out the center of the log. Usually a kiln only dries the first outside inch of lumber. Therefore, the log home owner has wasted his money on kiln drying because once the log comes out of the kiln, the process is reversed due to the absorption of environmental humidity. The space allowed for settlement over windows and doors is evidence that kiln drying futile. Even though, some log home producers claim that the kiln drying process will totally eliminate shrinkage, it's simply isn't true.

What will it cost to build a Log Home?

A. Estimating is a complex process and will vary due to many factors including site preparation and how much "Sweat equity" you get involved with. However if you have a model in mind we are able to give you an estimate on a realistic budget and we encourage you to give us the opportunity to do so. You will find that we are extremely competitive with any type of construction.

What is the Hybrid timber frame product?

A) Our goal with the Hybrid timber frame product is to offer something resembling a traditional timber frame home without the huge cost attached to it. It also allows our customers an alternative to go with a more modern product along with a greater flexibility in materials. A mixture of structural and non-structural post and beam mixed with insulated foam panels are the main items that this product consists of.

Where do you ship to?

A) We can ship anywhere in the world, we currently have sold our kits in Asia, Europe, Canada and in the USA all successfully.

Can I view the product on location?

A) Yes we have our model home (Enchanted Forest III) setup here in Wakefield QC and we make ourselves available to meet you here at any time.

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