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How Does it Work

Within our company there are many ways and types of projects that are possible!


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We are very flexible and work hard to suit every different customer’s needs.

Outaouais Log Homes has many different types of customers ranging from the extremely hands on to the completely hands off types and everyone in between. We welcome them all, each through a different processes become successful.

Initially we like to get a sense of what type of customer you are and how YOU envision the project.

This helps us guide you in the right direction when speaking about the pricing, the different models and the steps to be taken.

Establishing a realistic budget is a very important next step.

Based on your visions, tastes, wants and needs for the project we work with you to determine if initially the rough numbers work for you. This would include getting a rough idea of the home that you would like to build and some of the other costs involved. If you have a plan in hand already which is welcomed we can definitely budget from that also.

Once the numbers make sense for all party’s involved, the next steps can begin. Whether that is starting a custom plan or discussing the details of the available materials to the different labors that are involved or not involved.

Plans, permits and prices in hand the deliveries are set to start!

This is a simplistic description of our procedures, many more details obviously go into the planning of a Home.

"The keywords when working with Outaouais Log Homes are Flexibility and Transparency."

We are here to see that the project goes as you envisioned it and accommodate you while adding in our professional advice and years of experience. We take pride in being up front with our customers about the process and the costs involved for total satisfaction and success.

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